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Ghibli de Hongrie [ENG]

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Re: Ghibli de Hongrie [ENG]

Messagede alpa » Jeu 20 Sep 2018 13:26

spacecadet a écrit:Yes, I've read about it since then. What's special about the heads' cooling? I'm starting to understand why this engine is said to be well designed, contemporary and ahead of the others.

There is a collecting galery on the top (intake) side of the head and two outputs from the galery: front and rear. This is good to balance the water flow and make water go up to the rear of the head before returning to the pump. The traditional way to balance the flow is by increasing block-to-head passages (or even blocking them) in the head gasket, but this does not work well at low RPM. And it can not be modified once the head on.m not saying it's perfectly used in the engine, but at least it's potentially perfect.
In fact these engines (18v and 24v) run very lean for turbo engines, they stay at 1 richness even WOT. Most of engines would melt pistons down, these ones are just fine. The only explanation with this hp/L ratio: excellent cooling.

As we know the rings are not available from Maserati anymore, but did someone maybe sources custom rings from any manufacturer?

No grooving used pistons is a waste of money. Additionally your pistons are forget and quit good, using them with antic 1.5 rings would be a bad choice.
There are many ring manufacterers custom or not, in Europe and US. Check their catalogues.
Carrillo (italian, first choice), Arrow, King Pistons, Total Seal, Wiseco, Goetze.
Don't forget japaneese NPR.
There is a story about which kind of ring material you should use with 2L liners, but I'm not sure there is any difference with iron liners. Liners are Nigusil coated (not Nikasil as many say), if you query a company you may want to specify this. I made a thread about that 2-3 years ago.
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Re: Ghibli de Hongrie [ENG]

Messagede spacecadet » Jeu 20 Sep 2018 23:09

Thanks for the interesting information regarding cooling.

Definitely don't want to re-groove the pistons with those thick rings. Will ask around the ring manufacturers mentioned.
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