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Ghibli de Hongrie [ENG]

C'est ici qu'on présente nos voitures

Re: Ghibli de Hongrie [ENG]

Messagede Blu Sera » Mar 16 Jan 2018 20:51

Hi Peter ! Be warmly welcome on Maseratitude ;)
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Re: Ghibli de Hongrie [ENG]

Messagede Froggie » Mar 16 Jan 2018 20:59

Good to see the attractiveness of Maseratitude to foreigners.
Now, to complete the loop, you have to work out your French so that one day you can surprise us!
You seem quite knowledgeable on your Maser, btw...
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Re: Ghibli de Hongrie [ENG]

Messagede gemini » Mar 16 Jan 2018 21:02

Hi Peter, nice to hear from you again.
I followed the work you did on sportmaserati (for all, take a look here for the suspension overhaul, you'll find a lot of very useful pictures: ... n-overhaul), congrats.

I can't understand how you could have good compressions AND worn rings. A leaking injector was probably the culprit for the oil increase, and, hopefully, it didn't had the time to "wash" the cylinder/destroy the ring.

250HP is not that bad for an italian lada-shaped pile of rust ( :mrgreen: ;) ), check for boost leak, check your valve clearance (it will not take to much time, and despite of the opinion of alpa, I can say that I saw a big improvement in the performance of my ghibli after the valve adjustement -full disclosure, the valves were replaced 1000km before) , check the timing (don't rely solely on the old marks), check your sem valve, check the wastegate and you should find the cause of your loss of power.

As you've already removed your engine and you've bought the chains, replace, but it won't change the power your engine produce.
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Re: Ghibli de Hongrie [ENG]

Messagede Dom3200 » Mer 17 Jan 2018 00:02

Hi Peter and welcome and congrats for the very nice job on the rear.
I heard that replacing the camshaft timing chains is useless if we don t replace the "wheels" (I know it s not the correct word :? ) as well as the dents should be worn too. Is that correct ?
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Re: Ghibli de Hongrie [ENG]

Messagede spacecadet » Mer 17 Jan 2018 00:58

Thanks for the welcoming words, even Hungarian, I'm flattered :)

Yes, I'm from Budapest. Unfortunately I haven't seen the Primatist, only heard about it and also talked to the owner after he sold it.

I've sent the injectors for cleaning and measurement when I verified the sensors because I was also suspecting an engine management issue. Some of them were dirty indeed, leaking or producing a bad spray pattern. At that time I checked all of the sensors except the MAP sensors. Also checked the SEM that it was switching and not leaking in unwanted directions.

Turbos are working as described, boost goes slightly into red and comes back a bit. If that's the case they shoudn't be in a too bad state?

About compression: the first workshop measured 6.5, which I've found too low. Dyno test was done later after I checked engine management, and I don't think with 6.5 it could produce the power measured. I also checked it myself, right now my notes are not with me but as I remember they were around 7.5, hot and cold, and also tried a few drops of oil to see if the problem lies with the rings. The numbers didn't change. I took it then to a different workshop working only on engines, and they also got similar numbers.

I don't think (hope) bearings got destoryed because I only drove a few hundred kms after the last oil change, and also sent the oil for analysis and they couldn't measure significant amount of fuel in it.

If there would be such a significant wear on the rings that would be visible on a leak down test no? So I'll start with that.

I like the Lada reference, we had a lot of them here, so the first words in my family was: What is this Lada?! :D But I have a measurement from 2006 with 283bhp (at 95'000 km) , so I would like to reach that number at least.
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Re: Ghibli de Hongrie [ENG]

Messagede alpa » Mer 17 Jan 2018 22:27

I'd rather say Delta HF, not Lada.

Ok so compressions seem OK.
Then check timing, may be it was altered.
But I'd still check management and fueling. For example are you sure richness is correct at full power ? Fuel pump or hoses inside the tank may be leaking, fuel pressure regulator may be out of spec (it's adjustable, just remove the cap on the top of the regulator).
Injector cleaning ... I don't have good experience on these old injectors, once they don't work they don't work. Just one not well working injector is enough to make big difference, it's all about richness and thus combustion pressure disbalance,

Measuring power is tricky and to have reliable numbers you need a good bench that extracts transmission losses. What does not lie is time measuring, say how long does it take to get from 2000 to 7000 rpm in third gear. And compare with another car.

Dom3200, chain wear out by elongation (on segment axles), gears don't move.
gemini: having to re-adjust clearance after engine overhaul is not surprising, it depends on the quality of the seat work. But once it's good it's good for a long time. If it moves it moves by say 0.05mm, you won't feel difference on a street turbo engine. This is my experience, I've never had to adjust underbucket shims on my old (up to 250mkm) Alfa engine.
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Re: Ghibli de Hongrie [ENG]

Messagede ghibli30 » Jeu 18 Jan 2018 11:42

Clearances were still OK two years ago on my '97 Ghibli GT, 38 000 km, not a single valve to adjust.
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Re: Ghibli de Hongrie [ENG]

Messagede spacecadet » Sam 20 Jan 2018 11:17

That's good to hear that valve clearances don't go easily out of spec.

I'll then check timing, leak down, and recheck management and fueling too. I've only checked pressure at idle, that was ok (3 or 3.5 bar whichever should be at idle).

This will take some time because I only have time to work on this on some weekends.
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